[Curhat MPASI] MPASI Pertama: Your Cute Face!

(Written on July 1, 2012)

On this day, Daanish began to be introduced to complementary foods, as he is 6 months today. Yaiyyy! And his first food was pureed ripe banana. I chose local banana called ‘pisang ambon’ rather than imported ‘sunpride’, just because it is easily founded everywhere. Banana was chosen simply because it is sweet and tastes close to breastmilk. I added warm breastmilk to make it easy for Daanish eats his first food. He ate 4-5 teaspoons of it, explored the taste and gradually changed his expression from feeling strange to enjoying the food. I was almost cry to see him today, and it is, ofcourse, because of being happy to see his achievement. Now, it is time to observe any simptoms in regards to food intollerance or allergy. Hope he can pass it well. 🙂


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