[MPASI 8 Bulan] Aneka Makanan Panggang

Another way to make baby food: baking in the oven.

How to:
~ Put the butter on the sliced vegetables as topping (here I use potato, sweet potato, carrot, paprika, local ‘Medan’ eggplant)
~ Bake 5-15 minutes (potato and sweet potato usually take longer time to bake)

It’s truly delicious that even me can enjoy the vegetables. And we can count on the benefit that this way of cooking preserve the nutrition of foods. Delicious, healthy, and easy!

Aneka sayur yang di-oven dengan butter itu dimakan Daanish dengan sayur tumis butter, deh. Serba sayur yak. Creamy n harum butternya bikin Daanish semangat makan.

Ets, tapi tetep bisa kok, dimakan gitu aja, kan karbohidratnya udah ada. So, ga pake nasi pun, hayok!


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