[MPASI 8 Bulan] [Meals during Ilness] Fruit Mix Juice with Mint Leaves and (again) Doria!

Today, Daanish’ cough came to the peak that made him lost his voice. So sad to suddenly unable to hear his cries, his laughs, his speech. Bed time is the nightmare: fever, cough, and anxiety happen at the same time. We’ve been struggling to feat this. As Daanish lost his appetite, I gave him combination of fruit juice with lemon and mint leaves. Yap, mint leaves did some good job in giving ‘different sensation’ on the fruit juice and also for the recovery. And, who doesn’t know lemon’s ability in recovering human’s symptoms in regards to throat? It is fresh and rich of vitamin C. Go help Daanish antibody to beat bacteria amd virus, Dude! :))

Here are menus during Daanish’ home treatment against the cough:

1. Juice 1: mango, dragon fruit, banana, red bean, lemon, mint leaves

2. Juice 2: mango, banana, dragon fruit, grape, lemon, mint leaves

3. Solid foods: rice gratin/doria
This menu never fails in raising his appetite. This time, I made the Bechamel sauce (white sauce) for the Doria using cream cheese and homemade soy milk. Also, addition of some Dill leaves arose a very good smell of this baked menu.

Since he keeps on refusing other solid foods, I made this a kind of “soft-foods”. The base of this Doria was cooked oats. On top of that, there were cheddar cheese, well-cooked vegetable mix, and last, topped by Bechamel sauce. He ate like he was not attacked by any sickness, the portion was even more than he usually eats. How can I not be happy to see this! \^.^/

The rest, responsibility of skin to skin contact, handling midnight tantrum, and settling Daanish down to sleep goes to Daanish father. Hand in hand, we’re struggling to gain Daanish voice back! 😀 Get well soon, Daan! :* ❤



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